MX PLAYER's web series 'High' opens the drugs trade

On the one hand, where the names of big celebrities are coming up in Bollywood, the MX player is bringing a web series in the midst of this hot environment… In this web series named Hi, Hai, the drugs business. Each layer is opened. The black letter of the drug trade that most people are still unaware of. They must see this web series.

 What is the story of Hai?
The trailer of MX Player's upcoming web series High has been released on Monday. It has been shown in this series that a big change is being seen in the drug business in a big city like Mumbai. A new drug named Magic has come in the market. Which is being supplied.

At the same time, a drug addict is growing it in a home. Then there is this dirty game of drugs, suppliers, things like paddlers, big fish and small fish,

This drug named Magic has created a rage from police to drug mafias. Everyone is looking for its main supplier. Who is that supplier and what happens to that supplier? Will have to wait for October 7 to know this. Because the web series 'High' is releasing on Max Player on 7 October

 There are some other things to see in the trailer. Such as suspense, action, thriller and 18 plus content. Apart from this, normalized abuses have also been used extensively.